Making of

Making of Antiout 3

More photographs from my phone. Clockwise from top left:

View toward the most famous fjell in Finland. Saana tunturi, as we call it in Finland, is located near Norwegian border, you pass it by on the way to Tamok. We never got to ride Saana, well maybe this year we hike up and take some turns.

This shot is from Folgefonn, Norway. It is a summer ski center and there was a lot of snow in may, in fact we got stuck on this road couple of times because of the new snow, and crappy rental car (not the red one you see here). This is the roadgap that can be seen briefly in Antiout. Landing was totally flat.

Helicopter pick-up is from Tamok, Norway. Really nice place and superb mountains! When there is no helicopter around you have to hike, no lifts, snowcats or even snowmobiles allowed.

Last one is my own DIY telecine. I transferred all the Super8 materials seen in Antiout by myself. Replaced projector lamp with led light and projected S8-film straight to DSLR equipped with macro lens. Great way to digitize your Super 8`s, quality is awesome. I will post another, more detailed story of this later.

This was interesting setup. Small camcorder fitted on this crazy  radio controlled helicopter in Folgefonn, Norway. We were supposed to get some of the footage from heli operator but the weather was really bad all the time and we were not able to do anything with this. Thats bad, it would have been great to see what this little thing can do. It was pretty cool looking thingy I have to admit.

Instead of crazy helishots we made a video that actually shows you how bad the weather was, check it out!


Making of Antiout 2

Some random photos from Japan in february 2011. Taken with my phone. I dont know are these actually making of shots or what, but something like behind the scenes anyways.

Clockwise from top left corner: Some days it was snowing all the time, this is what my camerapack and board looked like after 10 minutes of shooting. Second angle camera usually got buried in snow and you needed to go clean it up.

Lunch of the day, no restaurants in the backcountry so you have to carry everything that you eat with you, and take the thrashes back! Water, apple, bread, some Soyjoy and chocolate to make you hike around for 6-8 hours.

My tripod in the snow. After standing in one place for some time, snow gets packed below and you basically dig a hole for yourself. I used a shovel in this one but the good thing is that snow makes your tripod way more rigid.

The last one is from Tokyo, ma and photographer Jani Kärppä were sipping Sake from 2dl tetrapaks and shooting timelapse in the night. It was cool.

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