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We are currently finishing small doc series about splitboarding. Not only it is a great tool to get out there just for fun but in the recent years split has been tremendous help for my work. I could not imagine myself hiking up in deep snow without some sort of aid on my feet. Snowshoes are great help but it is nothing compared to the help I get from splitboard.

I already carry a heavy back bag full of cameras, lenses, avalanche kit, food and water, why would I want to carry my board while hiking up? It makes no sense. Your board is the device to get up! Split it, make skis, get a little help from poles and up you go. Only thing extra are the skins and those are coming along under your skis, most of the time.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Behind the scenes. Miikka Hast setting up his skis in Aittakuru, Pyhätunturi. I decided to get a lightweight kit for this day that I knew we were going to hike (or skin) a lot. I was cursing through the day with that small and crappy tripod. After getting used to a heavier Gitzo carbon legs/Sachtler FSB combo those crappy Manfrotto heads and flimsy legs just dont cut it.

Behind the scenes. Miikka Hast setting up his skis in Aittakuru, Pyhätunturi. I decided to get a lightweight kit for our first real day of shooting. I knew we were going to hike (or skin) a lot, but going lightweight has its limitations. I was cursing through the day with that small head and lousy old legs. After getting used to a heavier Gitzo carbon legs/Sachtler FSB combo those crappy Manfrotto heads and flimsy legs just dont cut it. Better than nothing though.


We got really lucky with the weather this day. Everything else before this, including our trip to Japan, did not go as planned. In january before we really got the project started in Finland, working title was “The Impossible Project”


Some extra footage we captured for one of our sponsors in the early morning magical light. We only got five to six hours of sunlight but it is more like constant golden hour. Crazy colours for the whole day!


Same day, framegrab from the afternoon. No magic tricks with the colours. Blue, yellow and pink. Thats about it.


We have fluffy powder and steep runs in Finland too! Miikka from Splitlines enjoying what Pyhätunturi has to offer.

Thank you goes out to:
Jones snowboards

Antti Autti full part video breaking limits

I have done numerous edits for mr. Autti in the past five years or so. From quick one day jobs to two year full movie productions and everything in between. In fact I found 80 videos from Vimeo so this will be number 81. I was thinking there might be over fifty but eighty? Not a chance!

Those 80 videos can all be found from Vimeo or site

There are surely some videos I missed, few in youtube, some extras elsewhere and numerous Insta edits that I was not even counting for, but those 80 are the ones I keep counting. Gotta keep my eye on that 100th video, that will be something special!

But in the meantime, enjoy the following full part from the Master himself.

World Record Video

I had the opportunity to shoot some interesting stuff in february. Nokian Heavy Tyres and Valtra tractors were setting up an attempt to break the record for worlds fastest tractor on snow. Driver was not just somebody off the field but the Rally legend Juha Kankkunen himself! It took two days to finally break the record and the process and final result can be seen on the video below.

After just one week of its release in Youtube, video had more than 310 000 hits!

The whole thing was shot as one man crew, taking care of everything during and after the shoot. This video also gave me perfect opportunity to switch both the editing and grading software at the same time. Edited with Premiere CC and graded with DaVinci Resolve lite. Considering it was the first time to make a full edit using new software, everything went smooth. Few glitches here and there in the process but still perfectly usable combo that I will be using more in the future.


Quick little video for Epic TV. Antti Autti slashing some Japan awesomeness, endless powder of Niigata. Shot almost entirely on Sony Actioncams. POV and followcam combined, mixed with few wider shots of the lines, kickers and powder turns.

We wanted to give the viewer real feeling of riding pow in Japan. I decided to use mainly POV cams and cut some of the normal stuff in the edit as well but only short glimpses, just to show the surroundings. After using Sony Actioncams for a while now I can say it is a joy to use! It outperforms Gopros in many ways, maybe not in absolute image quality but using it is much more enjoyable than dealing with Gopros.

Few pros over the Gopro: It has built in thread for mounting. I HATE those plastic shitty things that Gopro uses. And yes, they come in aluminum flavors as well but I hate the whole concept of multiple joints, screws, threads and extra little pieces like 1/4 mount that get lost, I already lost two. The one in Actioncam is built in the plastic casing. Actioncam comes with wrist-display thingy to see what you are shooting, also an App available. You can mount it on the side of the head easily, instead on the top or forehead, it doesn´t look so stupid that way. It has button lock feature so that you can manually lock all button presses, no more accidental recordings of the insides of your camera bag!!! And the biggest thing, battery lasts for a long time! Gopro may have an edge with higher quality images but difference is not that big and all the other benefits makes Actioncam much more appealing and more user friendly. I am yet to try it with faster cards that will upgrade to XAVC S-filetype and better quality. I get those for our next trip and see if it really makes better files as it should obviously.


Remote and Actioncam HDR-AS100V attached to a Manfrotto 492 Ballhead & 386B Nano Clamp. No extras needed! On the right is view of the Hold-switch that should be in every action camera! That switch and ability to attach straight to universal 1/4 screws makes this thing more Pro than Gopro.

Trick tip videos

Series of trick tips for Ski Sport Finland and Fazer Dumle. First video was launched early february and it keeps on going for few weeks. Full videos as well as instagram shorts will be available on all of these! Check it out!


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