Approach&Attack movie

Our two year project Approach&Attack finally got online on november 11th.

We ended up shooting two years in various locations around the world for this movie. Two years because we wanted to have a chance to go back to some of the locations like Minamiuonuma in Japan and Wanaka in New Zealand. Antti´s idea for the movie was to have local knowledge and help as we were searching terrain and snow. We managed to find awesome people to help us on our way and in the end we made good friends with the guys you see in the final edit.

Name itself came along the way, we were figuring out different scenarios of what we are doing and how we do it. Someone, I think it was Antti came up with an idea that there must be an Approach to a problem, country, terrain, snow or whatever it is you are doing. While making this movie we approached with hiking, snowshoes, splitboards or in some cases helicopter or snowcat. After the approach you see the terrain and snow, you imagine what can be done with it, how can you utilize it to make the best out of it. And then you Attack it, I remember it was Takumi Nagai or Yuta Kiyohara in previous year we were in Japan who said “attack the jump” and that was the perfect way to describe how we were doing things in the backcountry. And if you did not already see or realize it there is A&A in the name of the movie and that comes from Antti Autti!

Antti getting ready for next part of the 4 hour hike to Postdalsfjellet in Tamok.

Antti getting ready for  some serious Approach; next part of the 4 hour hike to Postdalsfjell in Tamok.

Unknown Attackers in Sjufjellet, Tamok. Can you spot them, they look like ants!

Unknown Attackers in Sjufjellet, Tamok. Can you spot them, they look like ants!

More sophisticated (and pricey) way to Approach is with helicopter. In New Zealand this is a necessity. We did not want to overdo it but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and enjoy the ride!

More sophisticated (and pricey) way to Approach is with helicopter. In New Zealand this is a necessity. We did not want to overdo it but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and enjoy the ride!

Our guide, friend and moviestar Takumi Nagai Attacking the deep snow of Hakkaisan!

Our guide, friend and moviestar Takumi Nagai Attacking the deep snow of Hakkaisan!

Miikka Hast stalefishing this gap in the middle of foggy Whitewater. Some guy came from the woods and in his own words he was "Searching for the cold pocket"! Actually it was raining and foggy and we were at the top of treeline.

Miikka Hast stalefishing this gap in the middle of foggy Whitewater. While we were shooting some random guy came from the misty woods and in his own words he was; “searching for that cold pocket”! Actually it was raining and foggy and we were at the top of treeline.

Antti attacking jump with a method in Whitewater, Canada.

Antti Attacking jump with a classic method in Whitewater, Canada.

One more Approach from Whitewater, this time with good snow!

One more Approach from Whitewater, this time with good snow!

Neste Oil commercial Making Of -video

Here is something I have been working on for quite some time now.

Ad was shot in early May at Tamok, northern Norway. Not much powder around anymore but we managed to find good locations to shoot the whole thing in just couple of days. Crew got seriously lucky with two days of clear skies and no wind which was crucial for using the drone helicopter in aerial shots. Choosing locations was easier than usual since Antti, guide Jarkko Henttonen and me already had knowledge of the terrain and light around Tamok area. Sure we had some hiking to do but eventually everyone was feeling fine doing it. Two hours to get up there, no big deal!

There is a lot of light around in early may and that helped a lot to get all the shots in just two days. We could start up at 6am, hike up, shoot, be back for lunch and then start making driving shots in the valley until it got dark around 8pm. Tamok is quiet valley with superb scenery and there is no need to worry about cablecars, buildings or other people getting in the shot.

And here is the final ad, good work Pablo and Skypixel!

Kiwi style!

06_NZ13_heli1_TeemuLahtinen 43I have been privileged to come to New Zealand for three years in a row now and this country never stops amazing me! Sceneries are jaw-dropping, people are friendly and there is always things to do even when the weather is not on your side. Wanaka, Queenstown and Arrowtown are fun to chill out on a day off the slopes or when backcountry is inaccessible. There is always an option to go cruising quality park and pipes shaped to perfection in Cardrona or longer runs in Treblecone. And yes, there is sweet mini-pipe or more like an old school pipe in Cardies!

Filming in NZ requires good planning and good group to work with. Big thanks to Southern Lakes HeliskiAlpine Helicopters and Triple Point Expeditions! Everything has to work when you try to get things done in the right way. Scouting for locations is expensive if you have to go out finding spots with a helicopter. Guides make our life a lot easier with their knowledge about terrain and the conditions. Being here for third time also helps out since we have some knowledge of what is out there. Having a map or two will not hurt either.

Antti and Tucker from Triple Point Expeditions planning

Antti and Tucker from Triple Point Expeditions planning days ahead

Flying to our destination with Alpine Helicopters

Flying to our destination with Alpine Helicopters

Dealing with the weather takes a lot of patience and willpower to get you through those grey days. And not only grey days, day after snowstorm in the mountains usually means dealing with high risk of avalanches. It is not just glory and endless powder, mostly time goes by just wishing it was, but then comes those days that just makes it all worth to come filming in NZ. It would be such a bummer to leave without the shots that you came here for, so playing the waiting game is essential. We have had five days of heli in three weeks now and we consider ourselves lucky!

Antti slashing through small avalanches

Antti slashing through small avalanches

We have still one more week to make this trip even better, if the weather allows we might be flying but after two full days its time to relax and recharge batteries. Take a beer or two, chill out in the city and then what? Shotover jet on the river? Bungee or cliffjump? Skating the pools or Dream ramp? Frisbee golf in superb sceneries? Kayaking again? As one snowboarder once said there is infinite potential and that is so true in New Zealand. If we have time we go for everything!

Down days with Rami Hanafi on a kayak.

Down days with Rami Hanafi on a kayak.

Tailsliding the Dream ramp. Antti behind the camera this time!

Tailsliding the Dream ramp. Antti behind the lens this time!

Universe_NZ_photoTeemulahtinen 6NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 46NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 4NZ_arrow_photoTeemulahtinen 45Kiwi Style is common phrase down here but last year fellow snowboarder, the Frenchie Sylvain Bourbousson gave it a new meaning; People are driving their cars like crazy in here. If you are pedestrian on crosswalk they will not stop to wait for you, they try to run over, it´s crazy and Kiwi style!


Last rides in Tamok, Norway

Season is almost over and we have been spending our last moments on snow in Tamok, Norway. Few weeks ago it was still powder but now snow has turned to slush. Rumors say that there is still some good snow left on the hard-to-access couloirs up in the tops if you are willing to hike. We did, for hours and hours but it was worth it almost every time.

Tamok_10042013_photoTeemulahtinen 41Tamok_postads_hike_TL 47Tamok_postads_hike_TL 62Tamok_postads_hike_TL 1075Hast_signaldalen_teemulahtinen 18Hast_signaldalen_teemulahtinen 17Hast_signaldalen_teemulahtinen 22

In-flight entertainment

Flight back from Japan was something quite nice this time. Clear sky almost all the way and flight during daytime allowed some serious sightseeing. Nice views of Mt. Fuji and mountain ranges of Honshu. Crossing Siberia reminded me of what the snowy moon might look like.

Japan_last_photoTeemulahtinen 3Japan_last_photoTeemulahtinen 4Japan_last_photoTeemulahtinen 2Japan_last_photoTeemulahtinen 13Japan_last_photoTeemulahtinenJapan_last_photoTeemulahtinen 60jpg

Filming in New Zealand pt.2

This is rare stuff, real making of photos from the mountains! Our guide Tucker from Triple Point Expeditions was kind enough to give me these photos. Maybe they help out telling a story about how the day goes by when shooting snowboarding in the mountains.

In New Zealand we had the opportunity to fly and shoot from the helicopter. Normally you just dream about it while you hike or splitboard your way uphill, sometimes for hours on end. In NZ most of the terrain is accessible only with heli and the places we were shooting were definitely deep inside mountain ranges of Mt. Aspiring National Park and not easily accessible by hiking.

Usually the day starts at 5.30am with big breakfast to get ready for a long day in the mountains. Pack the bag, make sure you have all the camera gear you need and the most important trio: avalanche beacon, shovel and probe. Then drive out to meet the guides at 7am and grab a cup of fresh coffee from cafeteria downtown. Short drive to heliport and liftoff around 7.30 or 8.00. Short flight to preselected destination and you are at the top 8.15 and ready for work!

Checking the lines in the morning light after first drop off of the day

Getting the gear ready. 1st cam that I am operating and usually 2nd angle that is on monopod. Another guide Stu is with me all times while Tucker looks out after Antti. This way the riders can also lap jumps, lines or whatever. Second guide helps to load in while other helps to load out of the heli.

Dropping in with backpack full of camera gear is sometimes sketchy, depending on the steepness of the slope and quality of the snow. This time it was pretty mellow, maybe 35+ degree face. I set up ON the spine, not inside gullies or straight under the rider, got to keep mind of the avalanches.

Shooting from above on this one was the only choice because of terrain below this feature. Too risky to go shoot from below and the view was blocked from the side. I left another camera up behind me shooting straight down.

Getting ready to shoot from the heli with Rami Hanafi. Take the doors off, harness on, safety lines from the harness to the machine and wrist/neck loops for cameras to make sure they stay with you at all times. Antti And Sylvain stay on top and wait while we are up in the air and ready to shoot. Communication with the pilot is important during the shoot.

Shooting from the heli is never easy. Main thing is to keep camera steady. No fancy gyro stabilized Phantom cameras this time I tell ya! I keep monopod on my camera to make it heavier and be able to rest it on my shoulder. Rami sits on the floor so we both can operate freely and not disturb each other.

Shooting some slashes while waiting for better weather. You can see 2nd cam on monopod like I usually have it.

And at the end of the day you get nice ride back to the heliport. Scenery is just superb and being smallest guy of the crew I get to sit on the front all the time!

Check out Triple Point Expeditions and their facebook

Northlight Pictures facebook

Filming in New Zealand pt.1

After summer holidays it was time to get back on snow and travel all the way down to New Zealand. Here is quick update on what we have been up to so far.

First day after summer and so much fun at Snow Park

Fixing the cliff drop at Treble Cone with Will Jackways, Shin Biyajima and Antti Autti

Will Jackways droppin with Stalefish

Antti getting the pipe skills back in Snow Park pipe with some lo-fi Lensbaby touch.

Antti and our awesome guide Stu from Southern Lakes Heliski enjoying great weather and good runs

Shady walls had the best snow. This was shot in Mt. Albert which was the venue for World Heli Challenge couple of weeks ago.

Tamok episode finished

Just finished editing the latest episode of Relate To It. It will be released in few days at TWSNOW website. Tamok episode was definitely toughest to edit so far, we had stuff from all over the mountains and it wasn`t easy job to make it work together. Had to leave some good stuff out to keep things short and entertaining. Tamok is the place to be if you want it all. It has great treeruns, high alpine stuff like couloirs and insanely steep runs, open fields of powder with over 1000m vertical, windlips, cornices and stuff to jump from and you can actually find couple of crazy rails if you don´t find enough to do in the mountains… On top of that, you can surf in the nearby freezing waters of Norwegian Sea.

I spent almost three weeks in Tamok and we had many different crews and riders stopping by. Here are some photos, if you want to see more check out facebook photos as well

Now thats a fine machine

Tamokfjellet from the air

On the top of Blåbärfjellet, clockwise from left: Rami, Miikka, Antti, Nicholas and Arto lurking behind

Shooting from the machine is never easy, me and Rami Hanafi doing our best to get things done. Monopod helps to keep my camera steady and makes it easier for your hands to hold for long periods, kinda like shoulder mount.

We had only couple of days with the heli, and then you just hike...

Antti slashing some Tamok powder

Weather changes fast in Tamok. It was raining and during the night "Huset" was drowning with 30cm of water in front of the house. Next day we had 15cm of new snow at the bottom and 50+ cm at the top!

Our cosy cabin under the northern lights


World Snowboard Day 18-12-2011

Miikka Hast BS1 at Revelstoke on World Snowboard Day 2011

New season had great start from Revelstoke, BC, Canada. I arrived in Canada a week ago to film with Antti Autti. Antti joined Protest team riders Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagström who also decided to start their new Snowtour from here due to good early season conditions BC has to offer.

Check out more from:


Protest Snowtour

World Snowboard Day

Making of Antiout 1

Heli drop-off at New Zealand, august 2011

Antti having a big smile on his face, it was just that good pow in the forest. Shot on Mju Zoom at Engadin, Switzerland, january 2011

Tamok fs Ollie, this time in front of digital. Shot in march 2011, Tamok, Norway

Some making of shots or actually just snaps from my pocket camera or DSLR if it was available. I carried an old Olympus XA or Olympus Mju Zoom with me almost all times. Photo on below got published in latest Slammer magazine, check it out if you can!
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