Neste Oil commercial Making Of -video

Here is something I have been working on for quite some time now.

Ad was shot in early May at Tamok, northern Norway. Not much powder around anymore but we managed to find good locations to shoot the whole thing in just couple of days. Crew got seriously lucky with two days of clear skies and no wind which was crucial for using the drone helicopter in aerial shots. Choosing locations was easier than usual since Antti, guide Jarkko Henttonen and me already had knowledge of the terrain and light around Tamok area. Sure we had some hiking to do but eventually everyone was feeling fine doing it. Two hours to get up there, no big deal!

There is a lot of light around in early may and that helped a lot to get all the shots in just two days. We could start up at 6am, hike up, shoot, be back for lunch and then start making driving shots in the valley until it got dark around 8pm. Tamok is quiet valley with superb scenery and there is no need to worry about cablecars, buildings or other people getting in the shot.

And here is the final ad, good work Pablo and Skypixel!

New Teaser with techical difficulties

Our latest movie project Approach&Attack is halfway through and its time to release first real teaser.

Project itself is going smoothly at the moment but as always some troubles occur in post-production. Even with a short video like this there is lots of data to transfer, convert and encode so something usually goes wrong. I have roughly 1,5TB of raw footage so there is obviously lots of things to go wrong. Converting them all is not reasonable nor necessary but still a lot of files needs to be treated for editing process. Some go through Compressor but mostly I convert with MPEG streamclip.

Even this 3 minute teaser had enough problems to make my editing software Final Cut Pro choke at times. Random crashes have taught me to Cmd-S often enough. All this is making me of thinking about switching my preferred NLE to something else than Final Cut. Maybe FCP X or back to old days with Premiere which I have heard only good things lately … Any suggestions? Maybe I need to try them out and see myself!

"General Error" What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it...

“General Error” What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it…

Edited on 21st oct 2014:

I am in the progress of editing our new movie and still having this issue. If someone is interested I found one sort of solution. I exported all the clips with FCP´s Media Manager to a new folder on another drive. Then tried to export that sequence with no luck. I found that original sequence I sent to Color was Prores422, Color rendered everything out as ProresHQ. I changed my seguence setting in FCP back to Prores422, re-rendered and exported straight out with no problem. No transcoding, but I bet that happened when I changed my sequence settings. Anyhow, it worked! Seems better than just exporting with Quicktime conversion. That brings out new problems but thats another post!

New videos online

Check out Miikka Hast in brand new Onboard cover. Rami Hanafi shot the cover while we were filming at Tamok, Norway last year. Miikkas straightline ended up in the beginning of Tamok sequence in Relate To It -movie. That was just one of those days that everything worked like a charm. We had tons of footage for our movie and Rami got some banger shots that are now starting to show up in snowboarding magazines.

Another video is from the legendary Wappulounas. Every year finnish snowboarding scene gathers up to have some fun and enjoy laid-back contest with superb obstacles, quality snowboarding, good music and after-parties that you never forget (another option is that you forget them instantly!) Northlight Pictures teamed up with Bro Productions to make this video. Enjoy, and see you next year in Wappulounas!

If you want to see some more of Wappulounas check out these quick day-by-day 2012 edits from anttisworld by us:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Couple of video edits for Boardexpo

Boardexpo is the biggest annual trade show for snowboarding and skateboarding in Finland. Trade show stuff during the day and big parties in the evenings, Relate To It Helsinki premiere was held as an early start for the long weekend. We ended up making couple of videos with elopictures for the organizers. Interviews are in Finnish only.


Relate To It online

Full movie online, finally! It took some sleepless nights and over three weeks of intensive editing to make things happen but I am happy with the results, hope you like it too!

More on this later!

Pilke TV Commercial

TV commercial for Rovaniemi based science center Pilke. Northlight Pictures teamed up with Advertising Kioski for this project. Idea for ad came from the client and AD Kioski. We ended up doing same spot with different sounds coming out of the box. First video was “Falling tree” check out the rest to see which you prefer most.

Bird song


As always, we encountered few problems on the way. Originally we had only few hours reserved to shoot the whole thing but after 1,5 hours or so the science center was full of kids running around all over the place. They were getting in the shots all the time, and the sounds were only usable from the beginning of the shoot. My own camera was being repaired in Helsinki by Nikon and I had to borrow one from my friend. Thanks Jukka!

Jukka testing the light inside carboard box

Checking focus before take.

Working on “Relate To It” webisodes

Latest addition to Relate To It webisode-series has been out for over a week now. Check it out if you haven´t seen it!

We were filming new stuff at Canada for couple of weeks. This time with different crew and different views of snowboarding. Three days at Monashee Powder Snowcats showed us the easy way of doing things. No hiking and not much of searching spots. Just let the guides take you to different areas and enjoy the powder and mellow ride up with a snowcat. It was the first time to go catboarding for all of us. Definitely worth a try!

Last part of the trip we stayed at Revelstoke building couple of jumps in the backcountry. Stay tuned for more in

Juuso Laivisto, Markku Koski and Antti Autti checking out the terrain in Monashee Powder Snowcats

The surreal burnt forest called Full Moon had lots of great terrain

Making of Antiout 3

More photographs from my phone. Clockwise from top left:

View toward the most famous fjell in Finland. Saana tunturi, as we call it in Finland, is located near Norwegian border, you pass it by on the way to Tamok. We never got to ride Saana, well maybe this year we hike up and take some turns.

This shot is from Folgefonn, Norway. It is a summer ski center and there was a lot of snow in may, in fact we got stuck on this road couple of times because of the new snow, and crappy rental car (not the red one you see here). This is the roadgap that can be seen briefly in Antiout. Landing was totally flat.

Helicopter pick-up is from Tamok, Norway. Really nice place and superb mountains! When there is no helicopter around you have to hike, no lifts, snowcats or even snowmobiles allowed.

Last one is my own DIY telecine. I transferred all the Super8 materials seen in Antiout by myself. Replaced projector lamp with led light and projected S8-film straight to DSLR equipped with macro lens. Great way to digitize your Super 8`s, quality is awesome. I will post another, more detailed story of this later.

This was interesting setup. Small camcorder fitted on this crazy  radio controlled helicopter in Folgefonn, Norway. We were supposed to get some of the footage from heli operator but the weather was really bad all the time and we were not able to do anything with this. Thats bad, it would have been great to see what this little thing can do. It was pretty cool looking thingy I have to admit.

Instead of crazy helishots we made a video that actually shows you how bad the weather was, check it out!



Wappulounas, the legendary snowboarding event where you don´t need to be serious or competitive, just taking part or being there is enough to ensure the fun. I made the video with some help from a fellow cameraman and original Northlight Pictures founder member Jukka Heikkilä from Bro Productions.

For more info about Wappulounas, check out their website.

Music from J.O.S at


Northlight Pictures has been busy with ANTIOUT, movie of finnish snowboarder Antti Autti. Lots of snowboarding, traveling, mountains, hotels, airports and of course, filming and editing the whole movie. I will start posting making-of material like photos and videos but to get things started, check out the movie first!!!

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