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Daily dose of morning coffee. Photo: Jukka Kiistala

Filming in New Zealand pt.1

After summer holidays it was time to get back on snow and travel all the way down to New Zealand. Here is quick update on what we have been up to so far.

First day after summer and so much fun at Snow Park

Fixing the cliff drop at Treble Cone with Will Jackways, Shin Biyajima and Antti Autti

Will Jackways droppin with Stalefish

Antti getting the pipe skills back in Snow Park pipe with some lo-fi Lensbaby touch.

Antti and our awesome guide Stu from Southern Lakes Heliski enjoying great weather and good runs

Shady walls had the best snow. This was shot in Mt. Albert which was the venue for World Heli Challenge couple of weeks ago.

Back from holidays

Oh yeah, its time to get back to work. I was lucky enough to have almost three weeks of summer holidays this year. Still few days of summer left before going down under to New Zealand. In the meantime, enjoy some holiday photos!

Miikka wakesurfing and Antti driving the jet

Still life in the midnight sun

Swedish Terrible feelings at Hässäkkäpäivät, Oulu

Crowd lifts up the fallen PA equipment at Terveet Kädet gig in Hässäkkäpäivät, Oulu

Aada keeping it cool by swimming and shaking

Thrandarjökull glacier from the Icelandair jet

Cave and other strange looking rock formations near Vik, Iceland

Somewhat the symbol of Iceland, Puffin. This reminds me of an album called “a mouthful” from band called “The Do”

Vatnajökull glacier near Skaftafjell, Iceland

This broke off from the glacier just few hours before we were on a boat in Jökulsárlón glacier lake. First the glacial ice is blue and in few hours it turns into milky white.

Reykjavik is full of great murals and graffitis. Definitely worth a visit!

Tamok episode finished

Just finished editing the latest episode of Relate To It. It will be released in few days at TWSNOW website. Tamok episode was definitely toughest to edit so far, we had stuff from all over the mountains and it wasn`t easy job to make it work together. Had to leave some good stuff out to keep things short and entertaining. Tamok is the place to be if you want it all. It has great treeruns, high alpine stuff like couloirs and insanely steep runs, open fields of powder with over 1000m vertical, windlips, cornices and stuff to jump from and you can actually find couple of crazy rails if you don´t find enough to do in the mountains… On top of that, you can surf in the nearby freezing waters of Norwegian Sea.

I spent almost three weeks in Tamok and we had many different crews and riders stopping by. Here are some photos, if you want to see more check out facebook photos as well

Now thats a fine machine

Tamokfjellet from the air

On the top of Blåbärfjellet, clockwise from left: Rami, Miikka, Antti, Nicholas and Arto lurking behind

Shooting from the machine is never easy, me and Rami Hanafi doing our best to get things done. Monopod helps to keep my camera steady and makes it easier for your hands to hold for long periods, kinda like shoulder mount.

We had only couple of days with the heli, and then you just hike...

Antti slashing some Tamok powder

Weather changes fast in Tamok. It was raining and during the night "Huset" was drowning with 30cm of water in front of the house. Next day we had 15cm of new snow at the bottom and 50+ cm at the top!

Our cosy cabin under the northern lights


Working on “Relate To It” webisodes

Latest addition to Relate To It webisode-series has been out for over a week now. Check it out if you haven´t seen it!

We were filming new stuff at Canada for couple of weeks. This time with different crew and different views of snowboarding. Three days at Monashee Powder Snowcats showed us the easy way of doing things. No hiking and not much of searching spots. Just let the guides take you to different areas and enjoy the powder and mellow ride up with a snowcat. It was the first time to go catboarding for all of us. Definitely worth a try!

Last part of the trip we stayed at Revelstoke building couple of jumps in the backcountry. Stay tuned for more in

Juuso Laivisto, Markku Koski and Antti Autti checking out the terrain in Monashee Powder Snowcats

The surreal burnt forest called Full Moon had lots of great terrain

New project on the way

New season and new project on the way. Last season was all about Antiout the movie. This season I am working with Antti Autti on Relate To It webisodes that will be broadcasted online at Transworld Snowboarding and Onboard magazines and website.

We started the project from Revelstoke, Canada late last year and currently we are filming in Hokkaido, Japan. With record-breaking snowfalls Japan is the place to be at the moment!

Antti and Miikka Hast at Revelstoke, BC Canada.

Photographer Jani Kärppä from Lappikuva and Antti just before the last run of the day. Me and Jani decided to take a run just for fun after hard day of hiking and filming and Antti had enough energy to tag along. According to Antti the backcountry code goes like: “Never leave your buddies” and thats the way it should be at all times when you are out there with your friends!

New tools for the trade. I wanted to take it easier this year and decided to get a split-board. It saves energy and hikes are way more easier when you don´t have to carry your board and struggle through the deep snow. For steeper and shorter runs I still prefer my regular (goofy) board!

Japan randomness clockwise from top left: #1 Check out this gallon of whisky, Jani is having a laugh and wondering should we take some quality time off from the slopes? #2 Some Japanese guy recognized Antti at local grocery store and wanted to have a photo with him. #3 Our car just before arriving at Niseko, check out that huge pile of snow at the roof! #4 You can get everything from the vending machines, this one had toys, toys, toys and seeds to grow your own radish!

World Snowboard Day 18-12-2011

Miikka Hast BS1 at Revelstoke on World Snowboard Day 2011

New season had great start from Revelstoke, BC, Canada. I arrived in Canada a week ago to film with Antti Autti. Antti joined Protest team riders Miikka Hast and Jonas Hagström who also decided to start their new Snowtour from here due to good early season conditions BC has to offer.

Check out more from:


Protest Snowtour

World Snowboard Day


After five years or so that I have been getting my photos published regularly I finally got couple of covers in Finnish magazines. Both of these shots were done very quickly but in totally different settings. Both use available light.

Skier Kalle Leinonen was shot in Ruka half-pipe during a recess in a moguls contest that I was capturing on video, we had maybe 30 minutes to shoot. No problem, Kalle climbed up the pipe, did one test run and after that couple of hits more and it was done in less time we had. I was happy with the results.

Snowboarder Antti Autti was shot in New Zealand. We saw this good looking transition couple of days before on the way up in a helicopter, hit it and I got good landscape photo of it. Came back to the same place and I wanted to shoot this time in portrait orientation. We wanted to do as many runs as possible to get more things done, so no time to waste with heli waiting and superb spots with great snow all around. I rode to the spot where I wanted to shoot, grabbed my camera from backpack, set videocamera on a tripod, made the shot, packed everything up and thats it. Maybe 5 minutes in total. This was our first run of the day and I can`t imagine a better way to start one when you are up there in the mountains.


Northlight Pictures has been busy with ANTIOUT, movie of finnish snowboarder Antti Autti. Lots of snowboarding, traveling, mountains, hotels, airports and of course, filming and editing the whole movie. I will start posting making-of material like photos and videos but to get things started, check out the movie first!!!

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