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New Teaser with techical difficulties

Our latest movie project Approach&Attack is halfway through and its time to release first real teaser.

Project itself is going smoothly at the moment but as always some troubles occur in post-production. Even with a short video like this there is lots of data to transfer, convert and encode so something usually goes wrong. I have roughly 1,5TB of raw footage so there is obviously lots of things to go wrong. Converting them all is not reasonable nor necessary but still a lot of files needs to be treated for editing process. Some go through Compressor but mostly I convert with MPEG streamclip.

Even this 3 minute teaser had enough problems to make my editing software Final Cut Pro choke at times. Random crashes have taught me to Cmd-S often enough. All this is making me of thinking about switching my preferred NLE to something else than Final Cut. Maybe FCP X or back to old days with Premiere which I have heard only good things lately … Any suggestions? Maybe I need to try them out and see myself!

"General Error" What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it...

“General Error” What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it…

Edited on 21st oct 2014:

I am in the progress of editing our new movie and still having this issue. If someone is interested I found one sort of solution. I exported all the clips with FCP´s Media Manager to a new folder on another drive. Then tried to export that sequence with no luck. I found that original sequence I sent to Color was Prores422, Color rendered everything out as ProresHQ. I changed my seguence setting in FCP back to Prores422, re-rendered and exported straight out with no problem. No transcoding, but I bet that happened when I changed my sequence settings. Anyhow, it worked! Seems better than just exporting with Quicktime conversion. That brings out new problems but thats another post!


  • Caro


    I love it. Didn't have much of experience with FCP-X but some of my friends are already going back to AdobePremiere because of the steady workflow in AdobeSuite (AfterEffects etc.). Keep up the great work! Greets from Berlin.

    • admin


      Thanks!I tried Premiere few days ago and I was so lost! I am familiar with Apples Motion and Color so maybe I have to try out the FCP X instead...

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