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New Teaser with techical difficulties

Our latest movie project Approach&Attack is halfway through and its time to release first real teaser.

Project itself is going smoothly at the moment but as always some troubles occur in post-production. Even with a short video like this there is lots of data to transfer, convert and encode so something usually goes wrong. I have roughly 1,5TB of raw footage so there is obviously lots of things to go wrong. Converting them all is not reasonable nor necessary but still a lot of files needs to be treated for editing process. Some go through Compressor but mostly I convert with MPEG streamclip.

Even this 3 minute teaser had enough problems to make my editing software Final Cut Pro choke at times. Random crashes have taught me to Cmd-S often enough. All this is making me of thinking about switching my preferred NLE to something else than Final Cut. Maybe FCP X or back to old days with Premiere which I have heard only good things lately … Any suggestions? Maybe I need to try them out and see myself!

"General Error" What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it...

“General Error” What kind of explanatory pop-up is that? I have learned what causes this but I hate the solution so I just go around it…

Edited on 21st oct 2014:

I am in the progress of editing our new movie and still having this issue. If someone is interested I found one sort of solution. I exported all the clips with FCP´s Media Manager to a new folder on another drive. Then tried to export that sequence with no luck. I found that original sequence I sent to Color was Prores422, Color rendered everything out as ProresHQ. I changed my seguence setting in FCP back to Prores422, re-rendered and exported straight out with no problem. No transcoding, but I bet that happened when I changed my sequence settings. Anyhow, it worked! Seems better than just exporting with Quicktime conversion. That brings out new problems but thats another post!

Kiwi style!

06_NZ13_heli1_TeemuLahtinen 43I have been privileged to come to New Zealand for three years in a row now and this country never stops amazing me! Sceneries are jaw-dropping, people are friendly and there is always things to do even when the weather is not on your side. Wanaka, Queenstown and Arrowtown are fun to chill out on a day off the slopes or when backcountry is inaccessible. There is always an option to go cruising quality park and pipes shaped to perfection in Cardrona or longer runs in Treblecone. And yes, there is sweet mini-pipe or more like an old school pipe in Cardies!

Filming in NZ requires good planning and good group to work with. Big thanks to Southern Lakes HeliskiAlpine Helicopters and Triple Point Expeditions! Everything has to work when you try to get things done in the right way. Scouting for locations is expensive if you have to go out finding spots with a helicopter. Guides make our life a lot easier with their knowledge about terrain and the conditions. Being here for third time also helps out since we have some knowledge of what is out there. Having a map or two will not hurt either.

Antti and Tucker from Triple Point Expeditions planning

Antti and Tucker from Triple Point Expeditions planning days ahead

Flying to our destination with Alpine Helicopters

Flying to our destination with Alpine Helicopters

Dealing with the weather takes a lot of patience and willpower to get you through those grey days. And not only grey days, day after snowstorm in the mountains usually means dealing with high risk of avalanches. It is not just glory and endless powder, mostly time goes by just wishing it was, but then comes those days that just makes it all worth to come filming in NZ. It would be such a bummer to leave without the shots that you came here for, so playing the waiting game is essential. We have had five days of heli in three weeks now and we consider ourselves lucky!

Antti slashing through small avalanches

Antti slashing through small avalanches

We have still one more week to make this trip even better, if the weather allows we might be flying but after two full days its time to relax and recharge batteries. Take a beer or two, chill out in the city and then what? Shotover jet on the river? Bungee or cliffjump? Skating the pools or Dream ramp? Frisbee golf in superb sceneries? Kayaking again? As one snowboarder once said there is infinite potential and that is so true in New Zealand. If we have time we go for everything!

Down days with Rami Hanafi on a kayak.

Down days with Rami Hanafi on a kayak.

Tailsliding the Dream ramp. Antti behind the camera this time!

Tailsliding the Dream ramp. Antti behind the lens this time!

Universe_NZ_photoTeemulahtinen 6NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 46NZ4_heli3_photoTeemulahtinen 4NZ_arrow_photoTeemulahtinen 45Kiwi Style is common phrase down here but last year fellow snowboarder, the Frenchie Sylvain Bourbousson gave it a new meaning; People are driving their cars like crazy in here. If you are pedestrian on crosswalk they will not stop to wait for you, they try to run over, it´s crazy and Kiwi style!


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