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Tripod problems

I need small and sturdy tripod for shooting video in the backcountry. Traditional video tripods are way too big to attach to your backpack while snowboarding. Maybe three years ago I found really small and lightweight Gitzo 1158, attached FLM leveling base and Manfrotto 701 video head to it. Whole thing weighs around 2,5kg and is less than 70cm long, just the perfect size for my needs. Gitzos built quality is amazing, probably the best you can get but after few years of heavy use even the best ones give up. Last year one of the legs started sliding off after first extension tube cracked inside. I tried to get spare parts from Gitzo but the model was outdated and the parts were nowhere to be found.I got used to it after awhile and tend to leave it little shorter than other legs and it works just fine. Then little later another leg started to wobble and loosen up from its joint. I repaired it with obvious choice, the gaffers tape and it worked fine for over 6 months. When I got home from the last trip I removed the tape that was left and this loose leg dropped off from its socket. I got lucky when this happened at home and not up in the mountains! I had to get some epoxy to glue it back in and glued another leg that was loose as well. Now it seems to be fine and I´m hoping it will last for another 3 years. 

New project on the way

New season and new project on the way. Last season was all about Antiout the movie. This season I am working with Antti Autti on Relate To It webisodes that will be broadcasted online at Transworld Snowboarding and Onboard magazines and website.

We started the project from Revelstoke, Canada late last year and currently we are filming in Hokkaido, Japan. With record-breaking snowfalls Japan is the place to be at the moment!

Antti and Miikka Hast at Revelstoke, BC Canada.

Photographer Jani Kärppä from Lappikuva and Antti just before the last run of the day. Me and Jani decided to take a run just for fun after hard day of hiking and filming and Antti had enough energy to tag along. According to Antti the backcountry code goes like: “Never leave your buddies” and thats the way it should be at all times when you are out there with your friends!

New tools for the trade. I wanted to take it easier this year and decided to get a split-board. It saves energy and hikes are way more easier when you don´t have to carry your board and struggle through the deep snow. For steeper and shorter runs I still prefer my regular (goofy) board!

Japan randomness clockwise from top left: #1 Check out this gallon of whisky, Jani is having a laugh and wondering should we take some quality time off from the slopes? #2 Some Japanese guy recognized Antti at local grocery store and wanted to have a photo with him. #3 Our car just before arriving at Niseko, check out that huge pile of snow at the roof! #4 You can get everything from the vending machines, this one had toys, toys, toys and seeds to grow your own radish!

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