Breaking things

Last year I was out filming and photographing most of my time. During the process a lot of gear breaks up, gets battered during transport or just has poor design. It happens so often that there has to be more to it than just bad luck.

Equipment that I use are supposed to be made for frequent use and they should last the normal wear and tear, without me looking after them with excess care. I admit that I am not the most caring people when it comes to my equipment, but still it happens so often that I can do nothing but wonder the quality of products nowadays.

I wanted to start a new category to my blog because of this and here is the first entry:

It is a flash shoe adapter. Cheap stuff but still designed poorly. Manfrotto should be selling these in 6 packs or something because they are just not made to last, crappiest stuff I have to carry in my bag. Shown in the photo broken in two different ways, one on the left is still holding flash but it is spinning freely and can be pulled out from its socket with your hand. One on the right will not hold a flash in it, you can see the cracks on the top.

Title of this post is stolen from an album of  90`s pop punk band, guess what!

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