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Making of Antiout 2

Some random photos from Japan in february 2011. Taken with my phone. I dont know are these actually making of shots or what, but something like behind the scenes anyways.

Clockwise from top left corner: Some days it was snowing all the time, this is what my camerapack and board looked like after 10 minutes of shooting. Second angle camera usually got buried in snow and you needed to go clean it up.

Lunch of the day, no restaurants in the backcountry so you have to carry everything that you eat with you, and take the thrashes back! Water, apple, bread, some Soyjoy and chocolate to make you hike around for 6-8 hours.

My tripod in the snow. After standing in one place for some time, snow gets packed below and you basically dig a hole for yourself. I used a shovel in this one but the good thing is that snow makes your tripod way more rigid.

The last one is from Tokyo, ma and photographer Jani Kärppä were sipping Sake from 2dl tetrapaks and shooting timelapse in the night. It was cool.


Wappulounas, the legendary snowboarding event where you don´t need to be serious or competitive, just taking part or being there is enough to ensure the fun. I made the video with some help from a fellow cameraman and original Northlight Pictures founder member Jukka Heikkilä from Bro Productions.

For more info about Wappulounas, check out their website.

Music from J.O.S at


After five years or so that I have been getting my photos published regularly I finally got couple of covers in Finnish magazines. Both of these shots were done very quickly but in totally different settings. Both use available light.

Skier Kalle Leinonen was shot in Ruka half-pipe during a recess in a moguls contest that I was capturing on video, we had maybe 30 minutes to shoot. No problem, Kalle climbed up the pipe, did one test run and after that couple of hits more and it was done in less time we had. I was happy with the results.

Snowboarder Antti Autti was shot in New Zealand. We saw this good looking transition couple of days before on the way up in a helicopter, hit it and I got good landscape photo of it. Came back to the same place and I wanted to shoot this time in portrait orientation. We wanted to do as many runs as possible to get more things done, so no time to waste with heli waiting and superb spots with great snow all around. I rode to the spot where I wanted to shoot, grabbed my camera from backpack, set videocamera on a tripod, made the shot, packed everything up and thats it. Maybe 5 minutes in total. This was our first run of the day and I can`t imagine a better way to start one when you are up there in the mountains.

Making of Antiout 1

Heli drop-off at New Zealand, august 2011

Antti having a big smile on his face, it was just that good pow in the forest. Shot on Mju Zoom at Engadin, Switzerland, january 2011

Tamok fs Ollie, this time in front of digital. Shot in march 2011, Tamok, Norway

Some making of shots or actually just snaps from my pocket camera or DSLR if it was available. I carried an old Olympus XA or Olympus Mju Zoom with me almost all times. Photo on below got published in latest Slammer magazine, check it out if you can!


Northlight Pictures has been busy with ANTIOUT, movie of finnish snowboarder Antti Autti. Lots of snowboarding, traveling, mountains, hotels, airports and of course, filming and editing the whole movie. I will start posting making-of material like photos and videos but to get things started, check out the movie first!!!

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